A Journey through Europe (and maybe beyond)

Starting my first FM18 save as a Journeyman save using a manager of Swiss nationality. I started the save on a large database along with national reputation players from Africa, and The Americas. All current international players from Europe were added as well. Leagues loaded (all 1st and 2nd tiers): Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, and Poland Total is about 38,000 players. I simmed past the initial job openings and started with a club who fired their manager during the season.

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FM18, My Initial Save and Tactical Thoughts

With FM18 just a couple of week away, I’m going to kick off the season like I did last season.  A post which describes my thoughts on the upcoming game, where I’m going to start out and what tactics I am going to employ with the club.

Let me say that I am excited to see all of the upcoming changes to FM18.  Watching the first three videos (Dynamics, Scouting, and Tactics), I can see that all three concepts will be intertwined and build off one another.  Tactics will impact your scouting as you can now easily scout for specific roles and types of players, players will “bond” on the field and help advance your tactic.  Or conversely, your players may not “bond” how you expect and you need to change your tactics.  So, your team dynamics could impact your tactics which in turn could impact your scouting.  A lot of moving parts here which will make each save unique.  Plug and play is definitely a thing of the past.

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Finding the Forest Through the Trees – Season 2 Volume 2

Halfway through the season and it’s time for another update of Finding the Forest Through the Trees.  All told,  it has been a great start for Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.  The main question is: Will this form continue and allow the dream season to continue or will the other managers figure out our tactics, adapt their tactics and end the dream?  We will find out in the coming months but now a first half season review.

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Finding the Forest Through the Trees – Season 2 Volume 1

We made the move to the Premier League and immediately went on the search for players who can move into the starting lineup at some positions while looking for depth at positions where I felt we were strong.  The problem was: a) finding players who were willing to move to a newly promoted side b) those players fitting into our transfer budget c) having those players fit into our wage structure and d) beating out other clubs in some cases for this small pool of players.  Our transfer and wage budget:

Not exactly large.  We truly needed to search through the forest to find some new trees.

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Finding the Forest Through the Trees – Season 1 Volume 3

The 2016-17 season is in the books for Nottingham Forest and it was a good one for The Reds.  The fans toward the second half of the season started to come back The City Ground to watch the team play.  The form was a bit erratic at times.  We still chopped and changed our formation based on who was hot and what formation was working at the moment.  We sat in the bottom end of the promotion playoffs and sitting on the outside looking in for the entire second half of the season.

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